Our Story


Zen Bee Honey is a growing Apiary owned and operated by Eric Rovegno and his Partner Brandie Briggs. Their goal is to provide you with an all natural, raw honey. 

Eric has been working with the bees for 4 years and has had an interest in them from childhood. He would literally run around the yard just to catch the honey bee and then watch them as they climbed over his hand. These amazing tiny little insects the only ones that produced food for human consumption just fascinated him.

Brandie has been in the farming community for several years and has also had a passion for the bees knowing just how vital they truly are to our ecology, but she couldn't play with them as Eric did owing to her allergies. But that's not going to stop her from helping save the bees oh no, its only encouragement to push forward in her dreams in saving the bees and helping thousands of people along the way too.

Established in 2016

Zen Bee Honey started out as just a Dream to help save the bees, but quickly became a passion. Igniting a fire in the owner Eric Rovegno that could not be extinguish. They now have an Apiary of 140 honey bee colonies on their property with an anticipated 140 more by next year..

Here at Zen Bee Honey we are raising goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys and honey bees with so much more to come!! It's our mission to help not just teach our children, but to help others do the same and this is exactly why we offer tours of the farm, and give the kids a chance to ask question, try new things like; milking, feeding or if brave enough work with the bees.


We help our bees through a regular maintenance program that we are perfecting everyday by treating, feeding and managing the hives. This will help ensure that the bee colonies will be strong and can keep growing over the years by giving us the opportunity to split those hives at least once a year. Its our goal to have them healthy enough to do a possible two splits every year which would help us far exceed our goal of 10,000 hives in 6 years. 

Our honey is collected from the bees with the utmost care for their well being and health. We filter and pour the honey straight into the barrels and jars without heating the honey up which kills all the healthy reasons for ingesting honey to begin with.

Our thought is that in order to help this country progress forward we must support not only our small local farms, but small companies that are making natural & organic products as well.

The Zen way is to live, laugh and love unconditionally!